Help us grow and plant Native trees around Brooker Reserve in the Christchurch Red Zone

Eco Action eco-source native plant seed from Travis Wetland. Eco-sourcing means plants are adapted to their local environment and are more likely to grow well.
Plants grown provide year-round food and habitat for native birds and other fauna like insects, lizards and invertebrates.
Seeds are germinated and potted on by student volunteers from two schools which have Eco-Action Satellite Nurseries. Students and teachers take delivery of the small plants and grow them on till they are ready to be put in the ground.
All the growing equipment is donated to them from funds raised by Eco-Action.
Eco-Action proudly supports the intentions of AOFP Avon-Ōtākaro Forest Park


Help us plant Native Trees

Community volunteers planting 2000  carex secta donated to AOFP Avon Otakaro Forest Park by Orari Nurseries to be used as habitat for water fowl birds in the Christchurch Red Zone. Two pukeko were seen immediately checking out the area post planting.

Help us grow Native Trees

School student volunteers planting Kahikatea, and Broadleaf, griselinia littoralis for eventual bird food beside the Avon River, Otakaro.


Volunteer student planting Native trees for bird food and habitat beside the Avon River,Avon-Ōtākaro



School students mulching for weed control learning to reduce herbicide use and optimise water retention.


Please HELP.

Sponsor a native tree for a student to plant for $10 per plant to fund Eco-Action activity.

Click on the link below which takes you to a page which records your details.(this is hosted by Christ's College but all funds donated will be ring fenced for Eco-Action planting purposes)

Plant a native tree yourself on

Sun 19 May 10am-12 noon *
Sun 16 Jun 10am-12 noon *
Sun 4th Aug 10am-12 noon *
Sun 1st Sept 10am-12 noon. *
*Please bring a spade.

For more details contact David Newton

Help grow native trees

Students learn how to prick out and pot on Native plants at an Eco-ActionSatellite Nursery


Hoheria angustifolia is potted up into larger PB3 by students learning nursery techniques at an Eco-Action Satellite Nursery


SBHS grown native trees donated to Travis Wetland which were then planted out by school students as part of their new course in Outdoor Education.

Help grow native trees

More than 25 species of native plant are grown for supply from eco-sourced seed obtained from Travis Wetland. The students learn that genetic origin purity enhances both survival and growth rates for local native plants.

Nursery Kits available for Schools and Community groups


Eco-Action Satellite Nursery installed at Christ's College in 2017. (Bricks not included, weed pins are). All that is required is a reasonably flat area, preferably on hardfill, with a tap within 20m to house the battery operated programmable solenoid valve.

Free Eco-Action Satellite Nursery Kit*

This special offer is available to selected Schools and Community Groups in Christchurch. Apply now!!!

Kit supplied and installed. Ongoing support given.

  • Irrigation timer pipe and sprinklers on stands x 2.
  • Weedmat 4mx5m (if required)
  • 3x240 litres of potting mix (Potting mix ex CLS Ltd Belfast)
  • 400 new PB3 bags
  • 400 approx. plants in 50x50 native tubes

ON LOAN from Eco-Action 

  • 50x50 native tubes x400 and associated tray stands x 8, 10 Nursery trays. (Egmont Commercial)
  • 3x 240L wheelie bins,

*Representative only. Details may vary.

Eco-Action success and growth

As at 31 March 2019.

Educational focus-Volunteers learning how to plant grow and pot on native plants for Native bird food and habitat purposes.

2016-17 52 hours,

2017-2018 120 hours, 

2018-2019 398 hours,

2019-2020 ****  hours,

Community Service Focus-Volunteers planting out/ mulching / weed control/ maintaining/ watering/ mowing between planted native trees/ plants

2016-17 70 hours,

2017-2018 97 hours, 

2018-2019 634 hours,

2019-2020 ****  hours,

Educational Focus-Native plants/trees grown to pricked out seedlings in 50x50 pots plus number in PB3 size.

2016-17 1160 pots,

2017-2018 1260 pots,

2018-2019 6100 pots,

2019-2020 ****  pots,

 Community Service Focus-Native plants/trees planted out into open ground in Canterbury

2016-17 350 plants,

2017-2018 610 plants,

2018-2019 3150 plants,

2019-2020 ****  plants


Thanks to

Parents and friends who "donated a tree planted" allowing Eco-Action to purchase the gear to first plant, then grow and finally mulch and maintain the planted trees.  (Spades shovels x15, Wheelbarrows x 25, pots x 15000, trays x 200, Wheelie bins x 25, weed mat, timers, Nursery irrigation systems, 20L Glyphosate herbicide, knapsac sprayers x 2,  etc etc)

Shirley Boy's High School and Christ's College for seed funding and ongoing financial and logistics support as well as access to student time and transport. 

CLS Canterbury Landscape Services for the excellent potting mix, seed mix and pumice that keep the plants healthy. 

Tiki Wines North Canterbury for donating six 1000 litre IBC Tanks for emergency insurance irrigation over summer

Mainland Tank and Drums Ltd for donating the Tank Stands that provide the head pressure for the insurance irrigation. 

Protranz Ltd for donating both the transport and the water used for the insurance irrigation.

Canterbury Polythene Pipe, Rolleston for the irrigation lateral pipe

Envirowaste for 10 replacement wheeliebin lids and a further fifteen, 240L wheeliebins for potting mix to supply another fiveSatelite Nurseries.

Christchurch Arborist businesses for chipped mulch to help reduce herbicide use. Mulch limits weed germination between our newly planted trees. (250m3 by Mar 2019 so far) In particular thanks to Reuben from Regarding Trees Ltd for donating his time and machine plus worker to chip and turn to mulch, weed tree species on the Brooker Ave area like Elderberry, Cherry, Robinia

Bryan from Mowing the Redzone for mowing the grass at the Brooker Ave site to keep it tidy for petrol money.

Highlights 2016-2017

32 SBHS students plant natives in Mahinga Kai Red Zone area.

18 SBHS students plant natives in Amelia Rogers Reserve for Inanga/Inaka Habitat restoration so whitebait spawn.

12 SBHS students plant carex secta into Travis Wetland for Habitat restoration

Students help prick out and pot on plants.

SBHS students plant tree seeds as part of Yr9 Science course

Highlights 2017-2018

350 SBHS students plant a native plant each representing a new start for both themselves and their environment

350 native trees planted at Brooker reserve by Christ's College students and staff

First Eco-Action Satellite Nursery established at Christ's College.

SBHS Outdoor Education students plant trees at Travis Wetland as part of their course requirements.

Highlights 2018-2019

2000 carex secta native grasses donated to AOFP Avon Otakaro Forest Park are planted as new habitat for birdlife in the Red Zone.

SBHS Yr9 students again plant 350 native plants as part of their school orientation into the area.

350 trees donated to be planted into Travis Wetland.

SBHS Outdoor Ed students plant 300 trees into Travis Wetland with Park Ranger supervision.

AOFP Avon-Ōtākaro Forest Park lease 1.5Ha of RedZone off LINZ to plant native trees surrounding Brooker Reserve.

34 Christ's College Boarders and Staff barrow mulch and weed existing plantings at Brooker Reserve

38 Christ's College Boarders and Staff collect weed tree species and turn them into mulch at Brooker Reserve

Plans for 2019-2020

Planting Dates 2019 Location to be confirmed

Sun 19 May 10am-12 noon

Sun 16 Jun 10am-12 noon

Sun 4th Aug 10am-12 noon

Sun 8th Sept 10am-12 noon

SBHS Outdoor Ed students will continue to plant trees at Brooker .

  Four public plantings are planned using both Christ's College students as well as advertising to the wider community for help. (AOFP, SBHS, Volunteer Canterbury, public radio advertising) 1500 trees will be planted at Brooker thereby filling in about 1/4 of the site.

Two Further schools have expressed interest in Eco-Action Satellite Nursery Kits and more will be approached.

Larger numbers of trees will be potted up so scale of the operation will continue to expand.


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